1 of 4Gnome 160 Rotary Airplane Engine and Avro 504K Airplane

The Gnome 160 Rotary Airplane Engine and the Avro 504K Airplane were both scratch-built by my good friend Ray Williams who resides in Central New York. He built the engine and the airplane to 1/3 scale. The engine is approximately 27 cubic inches displacement. The photos below show the following: the individual engine parts after they were machined; the Gnome 160 assembled and running on a test stand; the completed Avro 504K with the Gnome 160 installed; and (last photo) the Gnome 160 and Avro 504K in flight. Quite an accomplishment! An MPG of the engine running on the test stand is also included on Page 4. Just click on the link.

Parts Layout Before Assembly
Crankshaft & Front Extension
Main Crank Bearing Holder & Distributor
Commutator & Main Bearing Housing
Center Crankcase
Cylinder Jugs
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