Welcome to Model Rotary Flyer

by Ray Williams

Although I enjoy building and flying all types of radio-controlled aircraft models, my true love is vintage aircraft. As there is not an abundance of vintage aircraft kits available in the market today, I find myself scratch-building all my vintage airplanes. This is also true when it comes to vintage engines. Thus I find myself scratch building the vintage engines also. I would like to share some of my experiences in scratch building both the airplanes and the engines. Below is a link to one of my prior projects as well as links to my current project. As I move forward on my current project, I will add photos and write-ups.

xClick here for Photos of the LeRhone Rotary Engine my current projectx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxClick here for a LeRhone Slideshowxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxClick here for a LeRhone WMV Videoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx